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Liquid Flux

Armsol Liquid solder flux is a chemical that serves several essential purposes for soldering battery cables and terminals. The liquid flux removes oxidation buildup in copper and solder. The oxidation buildup removal is done by the liquid solder flux to assist the metals during their bonding process.

Soldering Paste

Armsol solder paste for soldering small SMD components in a reflow oven or a hot air soldering station. comes in a small container for prototyping or repairing job. This pack is the right amount of solder paste for most hobby projects. This paste is the replacement of solder wire used in Through-hole soldering, some times solder flux is referred to as solder paste. This solder paste comes in a special container, when it is sealed, it can survive for 6 months. If you open the container and want to store the rest of the paste for future use make sure it is tight and place it in a plastic zipper pouch and place it in the refrigerator.Specifications:-
  • Brand: Armsol
  • Make: Made in India

Tip Tinner

ARMSOL Tip-Tin provides fast and efficient cleaning and re-tinning of highly oxidized soldering tips safely and efficiently. This thermally-stable compound is lead-free, ESD, and environmentally safe. A well-tinned soldering tip improves operator performance and satisfaction. Just wipe the oxidized soldering tip at normal soldering temperature into the tip tinner for a few seconds until the bright tinning surrounds the working end of the tip. Wipe excess residue on a wet cellulose sponge.

Features & Benefits of Tip Tinner

  1. Extends life of the tip
  2. Lead-free
  3. Halogen-free
  4. Easy to use