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Nipper – Micro Nipper

Armsol Micro  Nipper with cushioned grips for cutting copper and aluminum wires and conductors. Micro Nipper is made of high carbon alloy steel and induction hardened for longer life. It is suitable for electronics, telecommunications, computers, and PCB assemblies. If you have just started soldering or are planning to learn to soldering then micro nipper is a very essential tool for you. This instrument has various names normally it is called a cutter, side cutter, or lead cutter. It is normally used to cut wire or leads (legs) of components also they can be used to strip the insulation off of a wire. Micro Cutting Nipper is made available at Armsol with a spring option.

Features: Micro Nipper

  • Light & Compact
  • Suitable for Hobby Work
  • Suitable for High-Density Unit
  • RoHS2 Compliant
  • Made in India

Small Cutter – Wire stripper and cutter

Armsol ASL-109 Alloy Steel Wire Stripper and Cutter is a unique stripper and cutter which is suitable for the cutting of Aluminum and Copper wires. This small cutter comes with a long wire cutter and can cut wire up to a dia of 3mm, this mini cutter consists of cushion sleeves which provide comfort for the continuous working over the tools. This Small cutter is duly polished with extremely well-finished cutting edges. Small Cutter ASL - 109 finds application in electronic, telecommunication, automobile, printed circuit board & assembly industries. Our provided cutter has soft cushioned grips for comfortable work.

Features: Wire stripper and cutter

  1. Made of high-quality material
  2. Suitable for cutting Aluminium and Copper
  3. Cuts wire up to a diameter of 3mm
  4. Fully Polished
  5. Well finished cutting edges

Stainless Steel Cutter (SS Cutter)

We are one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Stainless Steel Cutter ASL - 108. Stainless Steel Cutter with lock for 100 mm cable. Buy ARMSOL ASL 108 SS Stainless Steel Cutter online in India at Armsol. If you have been looking for SS Stainless Steel Cutter dealers/Manufacturers, your search ends here. This product finds application in electronic, telecommunication, automobile, printed circuit board & assembly industries.

Specifications: Stainless Steel Cutter

Cutting Capacity
100 mm
Cutting Edge High-Frequency Heat Treatment
Material Handle
Stainless Steel PVC
Product Color - Black
Suitable For
Cut wires from 0.8 to 1.2 mm
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